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Veeam Fast SCP 2.0 refreshed erschienen

Um den 30000 Download zu feiern hat Veeam eine neue Version von FastSCP released.
Die neue Version bietet folgende neuen Features:

Disk space preallocation
When copying virtual machines, FastSCP will preallocate disk space for VMDK files, to prevent fragmentation.

Ability to edit file attributes
FastSCP shows the properties for a file or folder, allowing users to set owner, group and permissions (the most common CHMOD commands) in a Windows GUI.

Linux support
Now users can manage all files in mixed Windows/Linux enterprises.

Scheduled copy
Now you can schedule copy jobs to do VM migrations over night or to regularly backup ESX configuration files.

Integration with Veeam Backup
FastSCP is now integrated with Veeam Backup – a groundbreaking backup and replication solution for fast recovery of your VMware ESX infrastructure. Veeam Backup functionality is available upon installing a license file.

Downloaden kann man es hier